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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why 150kW maximum power?
This power represents the standard power level for new EV’s equipped with larger (60-120 kWh) batteries that will be on the market starting from 2018. Since there is not yet any consensus about higher power (e.g. 350 kW, anyway available only to very rare 1000V-EVs), thus 150 kW is the best solution combining together shorter charge time (100 km range in 10’), lower initial investments and flexibility.
2. May I order an espresso&charge with lower power and than upgrade it?
Yes, with espresso&charge definitively yes. Many customers are concerned about the fact that 150 kW EVs will become mainstream only in the next years. Up to now the non-Tesla EVs charge in the range 50 kW — 80 kW. espresso&charge has a scalable maximum power: you can start with the entry level power you wish (e.g. 50 kW) and then scale it up in 10kW steps during the life of the charger. Power upgrade only requires plug&play addition of power modules, as far as the grid connection supports it.
3. How may I manage the queuing issues?
With the charging station offering only 1 CCS and 1 CHAdeMO outlets, there are no chance when 2 CCS or 2 CHAdeMO EVs come to station: the last who plugs-in has to wait unless you double the number of chargers! Only espresso&charge, with its 6 in 1 product, in addition to the parallel DC charge of 1 CCS and 1 CHAdeMO EVs, it is able to charge 2 CCS or 2 CHAdeMO EVs at the same time. No queuing time, more load factor, more revenues.
4. I heard that commercial vehicles will use voltage higher than 500VDC and EVs will follow that trend as well, but now EVs are limited to 500 VDC maximum. May I get a station able to fulfil both requirements?
Yes, with espresso&charge you can. If you choice the option 1’000 VDC, your charger will be able to work both in the range 170VDC-550VDC for actual EVs and in the range 340VDC-1’000VDC for future EVs and commercial vehicles. You will be able to cover all the charging demand coming from commercial vehicles and from the EVs in the foreseeable future.
5. Is there a pay back for the higher investments required to get a state-of-the-art 150 kW charger?
Yes, there is. High power allow you to offer fast charging for the EVs of the future, of today and of the commercial vehicles as well. Today, thanks to the parallel charging of espresso&charge, you can already double the load factor of your charging stations, resulting in increased revenues and more attractiveness for today-EV users because queues are no more an issue in comparison to the competitor’s chargers. When the 150kW EVs will be dominant on the market, you will be among the very first providers, but you have already begun to get revenues years before your competitors, who will start with 150kW in the future only. Some investors could be reluctant to invest today for a 150kW: for them we offer our unique feature of the scalable power (see Q2).